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How To Add Meta Tags To Wordpress

How to add meta tags to your WordPress blog or web site. If you are using WordPress for your blog or your entire web site, you may want to think about adding a plugin so you can custom define your meta tags. I know, I know, meta tags are a crapshoot these days, some search engines don’t use them and others do, mainly because they are used by spammers to stuff keywords. Do they affect rankings? If you are keyword stuffing then yes they do! Do you want to take the chance? If you don’t currently use meta tags consider this. The first sentence in your article will be used as a description of your article. Is your first sentence descriptive?

For example, take a look at this web site:

no meta tags in  description

If you cruise on over to Google (here is a search box for you)

and do a search for eset NOD32 you will find this web site on the sixth page of search results. Notice the description that is being used. If you visit this site you will see that the description Google listed is the first sentence in the document. The sentence should have been more descriptive on what the article was mainly about, which was the giveaway of eset NOD32 anti virus.

Your WordPress blog has no options to custom define meta tags, unless you hired a professional web designer. Meta tags should be placed in the head of your document, see the illustration below.

meta  description tag

Where can I download the meta tag plugin? Cruise on over to George Notaras web site and download the add meta tags to wordpress plugin.