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Best Practice SEO Tips

SEO Best Practice Tips. In the mood for a few best practice SEO tips? Below you will find valuable seo tips you should seriously consider using.

  • Are you using javascript on your web site? If you are using javascript to display drop down menu's you will want to include text links somewhere on your page so that search engine spiders can follow all of your links. For an example, look at the bottom of this page, notice the text links in between the pipes.
  • If you read my articles you will notice I always say Content Is King, in short make sure you have great informative unique content that is well written using your keyword phrases.
  • Links are the queen in SEO. If you write informative unique content other business owners will link to your content. Make sure all sites linking to you use your keyword phrase that will drive traffic to your site. There is one exception to this rule. If for example a pet store is linking to your site which is about windows software, the link will not do you any good, and you can't control who links to you at random, Google and other popular search engines know this and will not penalize you. They will however penalize you if you link back to them. Please remember this rule, don't link to link farms either, they will do you more damage then good.
  • Please quit worrying about how to increase your Google PageRank. No one cares if your site has a rank of PR7, I certainly don't. I have clients that are competing for popular search terms and quite frequently notice a client site that has a PR6 rank outperform a site that has a rank of PR8. Work on your content and your PR will increase as you become more popular.
  • Make sure you have an optimized title tag on every page in your web site. Try to use a three word keyword phrase for every page and do not repeat the words on numerous pages.
  • Always add fresh unique content to your site. You don't need to add numerous pages everyday, one page a day will be sufficient. Keep the spiders coming back for more.
  • Never use Read More for anchor text in your links. Always use your keyword phrase to link to an article within your site. Take a look at my home page for further details.
  • If you want your site to be found by using regions then do so in the title of your document. For example if you sell expert organic seo consulting services and you are located in Vernon, BC, then your title should look like this:
  • Expert Organic SEO Consulting Services - Vernon - BC
  • Quit using flash for intro pages. No one wants to sit there and watch a corny flash video, they want the content they searched for. Google and other popular engines can not read flash, so why use it? Is it neccessary? If it isn't helping your site rank higher, don't use it. The same applys to images, if the image serves no purpose other than eye candy, then don't use it.