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What Is A Search Engine Spider Or Robot

This article is intended for the novice webmaster. I could tell you that a search engine spider is a program that automatically traverses the Web’s hypertext structure by retrieving a document, and recursively retrieving all documents that are referenced. Did you understand a word of that? Probably not!.

A search engine robot is a software program designed by search engines to seek out data on the internet. There are literally billions of web pages that exist on the internet. A spider will come to your website and gather all the data you have. The first thing the robot will look for on your web server is a file titled “robots.txt” this file which resides in your root directory will let the spider know if it is allowed to read your web pages or not. Please read the robots.txt for information on what exactly a robots.txt file can do to improve your chances on getting indexed. If the robot is allowed to read your webpages, it will then proceed to read your pages and then report the data back to the search engine that sent it on the mission. Once the data has been delivered to the search engine, the engine will then place the data in a database that is used by customers to find web pages. Such databases exist at, Inktomi, Teoma and other popular engines. All search engines have their own robots that scour the web for data.

It is also important to have proper usage of meta tags in the “HEAD” of your document.

It is very important to have your data ready for the spider to gather. The robot must be able to read all the data. How do you do this you ask? All of your html documents must meet W3C standards. proper html coding is of the utmost importance if you want the search engine spider to retrieve all of your data and make it available to the millions of people surfing the web. If you would like to see if your document meets W3C standards, please use our HTML Validator to check your documents for proper coding. The W3C Validator will check HTML 4.0 transitional, strict, XHTML, and XML documents.

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