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Design vs: SEO

Web Site Design – Search Engine Optimization. Both of these processes are combined together, whereas two peoples’ job duties meet parallel obligations. A web site design job is an allocated task that is given to a web design firm. The fundamental purpose of building a web site is to market the product or service to the World Wide Web. Web designers were not able to meet fundamental purpose of the task therefore had to reevaluate their job descriptions to meet client’s needs. Search engine optimization specialists and web designers are both needed to make significant progress.

There was a time when web site design was exclusive and fashionable and suited needs when the world was functioning entirely, on selling advertising to relevant product or service on that particular site. The bottom of the dot com world fell out causing web site owners to re-evaluate what the search engines and directories were looking for in order to make your product appear on the first 30 listings of SERP’s. Now it is essential to have an search engine optimization specialist on staff or an SEO consultant work with your web site designer.

Search Engines monopolize our dot com world. Search engine optimization was established when web sites were not achieving status on the Search Engine Results Page. Web site designers continue to build web sites that are suspended where no one can see them. Web Site owners are being mislead by web site developers whereas these developers have acquired there training prior to the dot com fall out, consequently what web site designers are building is what and how the designers were taught in school. Right now that is not sufficient to properly market the product or service.

SEO is an essential requirement to enhance the effectiveness of Web Sites. Web Sites that were built by old web site design techniques are now being rescued by SEO design firms. The main problem is that web site designers are not building their product to achieve (ROI) return on investment. Designers are building sites that have no marketable value unless of course you have some way of giving all your future customers your web address.

Search Engine Positioning , ranking, placement, on the (SERP) search engine results page is achieved by obtaining an acquired technique that Web site design firms refuse to notice or pay attention to. This technique used by SEO firms is established by an algorithms used by search engines. There are different algorithms for each different search engines. The obligation of Web site design firms are slowly being accepted only because designers are failing miserably to market the product in the dot com world.

Optimization is an ever changing game that one constantly has to stay on top of, not only do you have to learn the technique one has to achieve a lot of hurdles in order to optimize a site, to appease that particular search engines requirement. Search engines look for algorithm, link building campaign, writing relevant information constantly (content is king), submissions to the right search engines and directories and many more substantial functions. People still believe that or have faith that if I have a web site the designer knows what he is doing and whatever is being done is sufficient to establish a web presence

Knowledge is the key to saving money asking questions and knowing the expectation of the search engines in order to meet the requirement for the web site. Build a web site for the right reason to market your product not because everyone in business has one. Do not waste your money, ask the right questions, educate yourself and do not be taken advantage of. Put expectations and time frames on specifically what you are trying to establish by building a web site. Brain storm before you sign on the dotted line. Specifically ask, do you use optimization to build your web site, if this firm does not, move on, until you find a reputable firm who does and can meet the marketing requirements. Always ask to see the web sites this firm has built in the past and are any of them on the top 30 (SERP) search engine results page, especially their own site. The company you hire should have established top positioning with their own web site or obviously their design techniques are the old taught method without optimzation. Do not be satisfied with the old method, everyone should be up to speed on requirements to achieve top rankings. This is not too much to expect, after all, if marketing is what your contract is about and should be about, the design firm has a responsibility to be in the know of search engine marketing. Good Luck