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How To Find Niche Keywords

Perhaps the hardest aspect of SEO (search engine optimization) is the keyword selection process. It is the most crucial step in getting targeted traffic to your web site. Let’s use this web site to get some examples. This web site is all about SEO assistance services. I could select search engine optimization as my main keyword phrase. The only problem with that is that according to Google I would be competing with 14,800,000 other web pages about the same thing. I have to ask myself what are my customers most likely to type into Google in order to find me? The term search engine positioning is just too broad of a term to compete with.

Overture and wordtracker can make your life alot easier when selecting keyword phrases. If I use the Overture keyword suggestion tool I can find out what people are typing into search engines to find products and services. If I type search engine optimization into the suggestion box it returns results for those words and offers suggestions of other word combinations that are likely to be less competitive. Overture suggests using seo assistance as a keyword phrase, so that is exactly what we will do. If I optimize my web site properly my chances of having good SERP’s have just improved immensly for the search term.

You could take it one step further yet by adding geographical information to your search term like this expert seo assistance services. Here is another example to ponder. If a customer is from BC, Canada and he is looking for seo services, would he or she type SEO services into Google or will he or she type in BC seo firm. Remember the whole key to this is getting targeted internet traffic to your web site, so make it easy for the customer to find you by selecting the right keyword phrases from the beginning.