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Link Popularity

Creating inbound and exterior links makes your web site jump up in the search engine positioning game. SEO Webz will take the confusion out of links by showing you the ways in which links can help your company. A good link popularity campaign makes it easier for the search engine spider to find websites. The web bot indexes the page, the more links to a page, the quicker the page is picked up and indexed by the search engine. The number of links directed to a particular page is an indication of the pages value to consumers. The links displayed on your website also tells the theme of the web site. Links serve a dual purpose, as well as attracting people they will also attract the search engine spiders.

Search engine optimization has an understanding that links are a part of the integral map of the internet. Google considers links to be very pertinent. The name of Google was Backrub, so named for its ability to analyze backlinks. Link popularity is a very important part of web companies SEO campaign. With the right search engine placement plan, the links will create a web for the spiders to weave through. The number and types of links the optimization company chooses increases the page rank value of the targeted page.

SEO Webz does not promote link farms because it would not be proper search engine positioning ethics. First we will link to your support systems that also promote your business and expand from the common denominator websites. SEO Webz will research the sites client base to fit clients consumer prospective needs. One could use the saying “its not what you know, but who you know”. At SEO Webz our eight years of marketing and optimization experience has given us ample links to encompass your products market with sufficient link popularity.