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New Domains Versus Old Domain Names

Is it better to purchase a new domain name or an old domain? If you are serious about (SEO) search engine optimization, you better think twice when purchasing a domain name for your business. Old domain names are definitely a factor in search engine rankings.

Over the last few years I have noticed that the age of a domain name has become a large ranking factor in the major search engines. Back in the early days (late nineties) all domains were equal, not anymore. I have noticed in the last few years that new domains have a hard time competing for search terms with domains that have been in existence longer. New domains are automatically penalized just for being new. For example Google will index your site if your domain is new, but they will put your site in what SEO experts call a sandbox.

The sandbox theory. Is it myth or fact? Personally I believe it is a fact. New domains are penalized. What is the sandbox theory? Google demotes your site for popular search terms until your domain ages. I have noticed that your new domain will suffer for 4 months or even longer when it is first launched. I believe Google wants to make sure that you are not just some fly by night company, therefore throwing you in the sandbox with all the other new domains. When your site proves that you are not just another fly by night organization then the penalty is lifted and you are finally allowed to compete with the big boys on the block. The penalty is only lifted after aging. You really can’t do anything about it other than wait.

You can avoid the penalty though if you think about it. The answer would be to purchase a domain name that has been in existence for a period of time. For example if you are starting a new domain to sell Vernon computer repair services, you should shop around for domains that are about to expire and then offer to purchase the domain. You could wait until the domain expires and then purchase it also. There are quite a few domain sniper tools out on the internet, just do a search on Google or your favorite engine to find one.

When you do get the domain of your choice (especially if it is new) make sure you register the domain for at least 3-5 years, 10 years would be better. After registering the domain I suggest constructing an index page with a couple paragraphs of information of what you will be selling and let potential customers know that the site will be launching soon. This way you have the spiders from the major search engines already visiting your site before you are ready to launch, similar to what this guy is doing.