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Google Page Rank

What is Page Rank (PR) you ask? Page Rank is a scoring system developed by Google on a scale of 0/10 representing how important a page is on the World Wide Web. Most search engines use some kind of a pagerank system. In a nutshell, pagerank is a voting system, a very complicated one at that. Google, which is easily today’s most used search engine by consumers brought page rank to the forefront. How does pagerank work? Page Rank is basically a popularity system.

For example: Let’s say you own a web site and sell Expert Organic SEO consulting services in Vernon and Kelowna, BC. A surfer arrives at your web site and really enjoys his experience. Maybe you had a ton of information about organic seo consulting that the surfer was looking for. The surfer then turns out to be another webmaster who liked your site so much he placed a link from his site to your’s, because he wants his customers to be able to access that info. In effect he has just placed a vote for your web site. Therefore he has made your site more popular. The more votes you receive the higher your page rank will be.

The higher your pagerank is the better your chances are at obtaining higher positioning in the search engines on money keywords because it increases your link popularity. Page Rank isn’t the only factor used when determing search engine positioning but it is an important one that should not be overlooked.

Be careful of whom you are linking to though. If you link to a web site that Google or any other search engine has penalized because of improper SEO ethics, then you will be penalized as well. Google knows that you can not control who links to you, so you will not be penalized for that, but they know you can control who you link to, so be careful. Do not link to bad neighborhoods such as link farms etc.

If you would like to know what your page rank is, you can download the google toolbar which will install into your web browser giving you instant access to page rank statistics.

If you would like to know or try to understand page rank in further detail, do a search on your favorite search engine for (Google pagerank algorithm). There are quite a few well written articles on the subject, including Googles explanation of there Pagerank Algorithm.