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There are some topics to make clear when building or optimizing your website. Wrap your head around these topics, as a web site owner everything becomes more clear. Even though you hire a webmaster or an organic seo expert, do yourself a favor and take the time to understand the processes involved and solve your own puzzle. With a good understanding, you can take control of your web site even though someone else is doing the work.

The url on the web site is the first important hurdle to pass. Make sure there is a keyword in your url. Take the time to think this through. Ask yourself what words would anyone use to find my site on the World Wide Web. Second, pick keyword phrases, brainstorm with anyone that will give you the time. Find keyword phrases that will describe your product or service, keyword phrases that you may use in your text to support your web site. These phrases are words that will be used to seek you out on the World Wide Web.

I always have this scenario put to me as a challenge, whereas a website owner will say “I typed my web site name into the search box and I came up first”. Please take the time to think about this, your web site url is a specific address. Anyone looking for your service or product on the internet will not know your specific web site name or address, but definitely will know they want your product or service. The potential customer will go to a search engine and type in a service or product that they are looking for followed by the location of the service or product.

In order for your web site to come up on (SERP) search engine results page, the site would have to be optimized to compete with the thousands of results on that search engine. We have covered your url and keyword phrases, which I hope at this point you have a better understanding for. These two topics once established allows more exposure for your product or service. Keywords are very important and you can use up to thirty keywords to support your product or service. These keywords can now be used in the text of the web site and used as keyword phrases in different combinations.

Content is King. Three words that are very pertinent to sell your product or service and allow the search engine spider or bot to find and index your page. Search engine user agents are referred to as bots or spiders and they come to gather all the data on your site and report the data back to the search engine. The search engines are looking for a standard algorithm that will put you into a scoring points position with the search engine or directory. The algorithm is not specifically established but can be approximated. The text in your document is written keeping this algorithm in mind.

Your keywords have to be used a certain percentage on all specific pages. If your page has 500 words on it the top keyword should be used approximately five percent of the time. Each keyword should be used like a rhythm five percent for the first keyword phrase and the scale goes down from there. Second word approximately 3.5 percent and so on consecutively. One could go into “view” on your tool bar, drop down to “source” and once at source you can go in and find the work that you have paid someone to do or the work you are doing.

Once in source look for “Title” and Meta Name=“Description” Content=“” and Meta Name=“Keywords” Content=“”. If your site is built properly for optimization all of the previous mentioned info should be found at the top of the page of the source document because this is the first place the spider will look for this information.

The search engine also gives points for bold, italic and H1 tags but they must be used with the algorithm and not abused by using them too much in the document. One may build one’s site but if you want to appear on any (SERP) search engine results page you have to give the spider what he is looking for, to get any kind of a improved search engine rank.

As a web site owner you are not expected to know how to build an entire site but at the same time make it your responsibility to understand the techniques involved in doing so. Food for thought, do you hire a webmaster to build a site to keep himself in business? or build a site to keep marketing your product or service?. The computer industry is engraved with secrecy or the old boys club scenario. Make it your business and responsibility if you hire someone and allow them the time to teach you what you need to know. There does not need to be secrets!.