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SEO Ethics

Ethics is a moral standard governed by good principle values. SEO Webz follows all search engine guidelines and obides by the following SEO ethics.

  • SEO Webz marketing team and the client agree on relevant and superior quality information.
  • No harm done to client, SEO Webz will not have the company blacklisted or removed from the search engine indice because of inappropriate and or unacceptable technology procedure.
  • SEO Webz will not intentionally violate rules set forth by the search engines and directories.
  • SEO Webz will change standard practice to adhere to any search engine and directories specific policies.
  • SEO Webz will take responsibility by not misleading, harming or offending any traffic directed to any website we represent.
  • No violations of laws whereas – copyright, trademark, service mark, or related to spamming on the international platform.
  • There is no different version of website pages except where info altered to suit browser specification.
  • SEO Webz uses all of their own work – do not take info from other sites without consent of third party.
  • Is no – misrepresentation of abilities, education, training and experience. Guarantees as established starting business contract.
  • Will cap the number of some sites we represent by looking for keyword phrases. Equal amount of dedication to each site. No implication that websites will achieve an established contract in a reasonable amount of time considering engines, clients sites and competition.
  • Confidentiality, freedom from identification, includes no activity of preparing and producing material for publication without clear obvious and definite approval.

SEO Webz will diligently work to the best of our abilities to represent your product. Clients and SEO Webz contract an established fee to retain and improve rankings on your marketable product. The marketing strategy used by our SEO Assistance services measures the value of your marketable product to generate high (ROI) Return On Investment. Because there are no standards for optimizers we work as we live with good principle moral ethics.