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SEO Mistakes

There are quite a few SEO do’s and do not’s. Hopefully you are doing everything right with your SEO campaign. I would hate to see all of that hard work go for not. Here at SEO-Webz we do everything above board. We wear a white hat in the industry. Too many times I have seen businesses come and go because of bad or unethical SEO practices. Please read the SEO ethics page for further details on SEO ethics. Below I have listed what I deem as SEO Spam or unethical practices.

Doorway Pages – Some of these still work to this day, but I sure wouldn’t chance trying it now. This was once one of the most popular ways to inflate search engine positioning but has not been widely used since 2000. It is the quickest way for your web site to be banned by Google, Yahoo and a host of other popular search engines. Our SEO Assistance services do not use this method of enhancing traffic. We will not even entertain the thought, so please don’t ask.

Invisible Text – This was a very common practice in the old days and will undoubtedly get your web site banned in a heartbeat. This is self explanatory and doesn’t require further discussion. does not use this tactic either, nor will we ever do this.

Content Misrepresentation – This method of SEO was once popular also, now it will get you banned just as quick as the first two ideas on the list. This method is still being used today and if done properly is very hard to control by the search engines. The most common method of misrepresentation is cloaking: By cloaking a web site you are telling the spider to visit page A, while the surfer is actually directed to site B. The spider visits the page and reports back to the search engine with the data it gathered. The data it gathered is all about apples, yet the surfer sees oranges. If you get caught doing this, you are banned for sure. Our SEO Assistance services does not use this method of SEO.

Stuffing – Keyword, alt tags, and comment tags are all popular ways to insert your keywords into pages without customers noticing. Only the spider will see this unless the customer likes to view source code all the time. Do not over stuff your keywords into these tags, you will suffer penalties and most likely will be buried at the bottom of the SERP’s some where.

Never use the above tactics to try and improve search engine positioning. The best advise I can give to you is to stay true to yourself when building new pages. Do not become another black-hat, there are way too many of them out there. Stay clean and you will almost always pop to the top.

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