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Websites competing in the dot com world, on the search engines and directories, do so stagnantly without search engine submission. There are two different types of submissions. The only submission that works efficiently and or effectively is manual, but there is software driven automated processes as well. The most effective method is manual submission which invests time with your company, to score high rankings in the search engine race.

It is vital that your website be positioned on the first three pages of the high traffic Google, Yahoo, Looksmart and other major search engines. Optimize your dot com website before your search engine submissions are successful. Search engines need to find text and links on webpages before they are able to index your site.

SEO Webz provides web submission services that gets your pages into the various search engine databases which will increase traffic substantially to your website. Our team at SEO Webz will ensure that your company has the right methodologies with your keyword phrases to ensure your website is successful in the search engine marketing race. Research is also a very important key to successful search engine submission that SEO Webz takes responsibility for. We will research your competitors to help pop your website to the top.

Paid inclusion is another submission optimization service that your company should familiarize themselves with. Google, Yahoo, Teoma (Ask Jeeves), Altavista, Inktomi, Fast (All The Web), and a host of other directories all have paid inclusion programs. Submission of one url is an established price by the directory. Keeping in mind that if there is a second and subsequent url there is a less expensive established fee. The fee is annual therefore your comapny may be stuck paying these fee’s year after year.

The paid inclusion program may not be neccessary, especially if your company has a really good linking strategy. A large number of high quality and relevant links into your site will help ensure your site gets picked up by the various search engine spiders. Paid inclusion gets your site indexed via a manual review, in which you must know all the rules or you may not be indexed. Paid inclusion does have some perks and one is the speedy updates, so when SEO Webz tweaks your pages your company will see the search engine rank within a few days. In conclusion SEO Webz has the knowledge and research invested to market your product investing all our time, to free your time for other pertinent issues in your company.