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BIOS Guide

The motherboard used to write this guide is a Soyo SY-K7V Dragon which is a high performance Socket A mobo with an ATX form factor. The board uses an VIA chipset technology and supports all Socket A class processors. Supports 200/266 MHz front side bus DDR (double data rate) transfer on Athlon (750MHz – 1.4 GHz) and Duron (600MHz – 950 MHz) New released AMD Socket A CPU’s will also be very likely to be supported by the SY-K7V Dragon also.

Entering the BIOS setup (CMOS)

  • Turn the power on to your computer.
  • To enter the BIOS Setup Utility press the <DEL> key while the system is performing the diagnostics check.
  • You should now see a blue screen:

    Click on the headings to view the guide step by step.

Advanced BIOS Advanced Chipset Exit Without Saving
Fail Safe Integrated Optimized Defaults
PC Health PNP PCI Power Management
Save And Exit
Supervisor Pass User Pass