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How To Increase Range On Wireless Routers

How do I boost my wireless router signal? After installing a wireless router the windows operating system may inform you that your signal strength is weak. There are a few things you could do to increase the signal strength and extend the range of your wireless router. The following tips will help you improve wireless network performance. These tips and tweaks will work for any brand of router including but not limited to Linksys, DLink, Belkin and Netgear.

linksys  wireless n router

  • Place the router in a centralized location: Move the router into a location in the house that is centralized. Do not place the router in the basement and expect to have a strong signal upstairs. Move it away from any windows. Most routers have omni-directional antennas which means they broadcast in all directions. If the router is placed near a window for example, half the signal is being broadcasted outside, therefore degrading the signal indoors. If the router must be near a window you could replace the antenna with a high gain antenna to improve the performance. A high gain antenna will broadcast in the direction which you point it to. Move the router away from any metal objects, this is why I suggested not placing it in the basement, there is just too much interference with furnace ducting to get a decent signal. I have noticed some people place the router on the floor, this is also a bad idea. Place the router on a stand of some form.
  • Replace your wireless network adapter. Sometimes the wireless network adapter inside your computer may be the reason for low signal strength. The router can send the signal to the computer but the computers NIC adapter can’t send the signal back. To cure this issue replace your adapter with a external USB wireless adapter with an external antenna.
  • Replace your wireless A or B equipment. Wireless N is much faster and has longer range than wireless B and G. Replacing all of your equipment with N will cure most issues. If you are running wireless B you should seriously consider upgrading to at least G. G is 5 times faster then B.
  • Reducing interference. One of the main reasons and causes of wireless interference is cordless telephones. If you are using 2.4GHz wireless telephones in your house or business they should be replaced with 5.8GHz phones. 2.4GHz phones run on the same frequency of most routers.
  • Change the wireless channel of the router. Login to your configuration page of your router and change the wireless channel from 11 to 6. Experiment with different channels until you find a channel that gives you the most range and best signal strength. You can learn how to login to your router here.
  • Use the same manufacturer for your hardware. If you use the same vendor for all your hardware you can increase the performance of your network. For example if you purchase a linksys wireless N router, then you should also purchase a linksys wireless USB adapter.

linksys  wireless usb

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