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Racetrack Memory could make hard drives and flash drives obsolete in the near future. IBM is currently developing a new memory technology called Racetrack. The new memory is a vast improvement over current technology being used in flash drives and hard drives.

The new memory is less costly to make and is much faster and more reliable than hard disk memory. Hard disks have moving parts such as motors and read write heads. Flash memory is a solid state storage device with no moving parts but it can only be erased or written to so many times before the ram capacity deteriorates. Racetrack will have inexpensive memory and could possibly be up to a million times faster than hard disk memory with absolutely no risk of wear and tear.

What does Racetrack memory mean to consumers? This could mean more storage given away for free by places such as Gmail and Youtube. You could end up with 3GB of storage space on your iPod or 3G phone. It would be nice to have 5 terrabytes of storage space for all the movies and video’s we have collected over the years at dirt cheap prices. I say bring it on!