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Vernon Web Hosting

Vernon Web Hosting offers Green Ironclad Secure Servers with 99% Uptime Guaranteed. Backed by Industry leading, and award winning security to protect your site. All our servers are continuosly monitored and updated, they also go through a 17 point hardening process. All of our Servers are PCI compliant.

We know your time is valuable, this is why we offer to transfer your exisiting site to our Servers.

U.S. and Canadian based tech support agents.

We will help you choose your domain name, install a CMS such as (Joomla) or (Wordpress) for FREE to get you started. Joomla and Wordpress are content management systems (CMS). For blogging software nothing beats Wordpress, if you have a large site to build we would recommend Joomla.We offer you an extensive Cpanel which can be used to install either one easily. If this all sounds too much for you and overwhelming we do offer web design services. We also have templates available for a small fee to get you started rather easily.

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