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How To Build A Web Site Using Wordpress

This lesson on how to build a web site using wordpress is also available in video if you would like to go that route instead. Download How to build your own website using wordpress

Legally I can distribute WordPress so you won’t have to download it. I am obligated to tell you to read the license agreement however which can be found at this location

Download wordpress from

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If you are going to use the version of WordPress that I have included with this tutorial, which includes all the extra features such as themes and plugin’s please skip ahead to Installing WordPress.

If you would like to download your own copy which will not have any of the extra’s I have included you can do so at this location If you download your own copy you will need to do the following.

Create a folder on your hard drive titled My Website and then download WordPress to the folder you just created. The file you just downloaded is a zip file which will have a name similar to wordpress 3.01. Unzip the file to the root of the folder you created. Once the file is unzipped you can safely delete the .zip file. To unzip a file just right click the file and choose extract. Once you have wordpress extracted, rename the folder to wordpress. Once you have completed the download and extraction process move on to Installing WordPress.