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How To Use The Wordpress Dashboard


The dashboard is where everything is controlled. As you can see from the illustration above there are a series of links on the left portion of the dashboard window. You can control everything from these links. First I think it would be a good idea to explain the links and their functions before we go any further.

  • Posts: This section is used for everyday posts. The posts you make will be added automatically to your RSS feeds and are displayed in reverse chronologically order. Posts usually have a section for people to comment on your article. Do not confuse these with the Pages section.
  • Media: The media section is used to upload media such as pictures and video to your site for use with posts and pages.
  • Links: The Links section is used for adding external and internal links to your website.
  • Pages: The pages section is used for static pages in your site. For example this is where you would make an About page or a Contact page.
  • Comments: The comments section is where you approve or delete comments that were made on your posts. You can also label some comments as Spam.
  • Appearance: The appearance section is where you would choose what Themes and widgets you would like your website to use. You can also change the header information in this section.
  • Plugins: This sections is where you configure the plugins you will be using.
  • Users: You can add and modify user accounts in this section.
  • Tools: In the tools section you can do things like speed up your site.
  • Settings: This section is used for the configuration of your site. You can give your site a new title in this section as well as configure advanced settings like permalinks.

For security reasons the first thing we want to do is make a new user account and then delete the existing admin account. Click on Users and then click on Add New. Fill in all the fields and then make sure the new user has administrator rights. You will see a drop down menu titled Role choose Administrator as the role for the new user as shown in the illustration below. When you are finished entering the details of the new user click Add User.

add new user

Once you have created a new user account with Administrator priviledges, we need to delete the original Administrator account we created when we first installed wordpress. To delete the original account do the following:

  • In the top right corner of the dashboard window click on Logout
  • Upon logging out you will see a new login screen. Add this login screen to your favorites and or bookmarks. Type in your new username and your new password and then log back in.
  • Click on Users and then highlight the admin account by running your mouse over top of it. Click on Delete. After clicking delete a new box like the one illustrated below will pop up. Place a checkmark in the radio button beside Attribute all posts and links to: and in the drop down box choose your new user account. Click on Confirm Deletion and you will be taken back to the user accounts section. Remember your login details do not lose them.

new user step 2

Continue on to using the Themes section.