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Tips For Creating A New Website

The internet marketing world is heaven for businesses established and thriving around the world, since Tim Berners – Lee founded the worldwide web. Burners – Lee changed the business world as we know it and influenced every country. Berners – Lee also influenced the world in an individual personal way.

Considering every home owned a television and eventually joined the electronic evolution and purchased a PC. Internet heaven is internet hell for some people. It seems the more time you invest learning about the internet world the more heavenly your experience becomes. The opposition of heaven and hell can run parallel in life as it does in movies. Opposition can be an uncomfortable static in our lives, as human beings opposition becomes just a comfort zone we live with.

The electronic evolution is for ever changing, not one person can keep up to all there is to learn with business or personal computing. Businesses build websites and they sit suspended on the web, now that is hell. Why are there no hits? No one is coming to our site it looks good and it reads well. Search engine positioning can make it happen for your web site. Our techniques will put you in internet heaven.

SEO Webz can offer different techniques to assist you in achieving a respectable position on the internet. Online SEO copywriting is a method used in order to allow your web site to achieve that goal of marketing your product. SEO Webz offers copywriting as an inexpensive solution to making your website search engine friendly and drawing more traffic by placing you in the first of the long line waiting for internet heaven.

Domain Name: The domain name you choose is very important for the future success of your new web site. I always try and use a keyword of my product in the domain name as you can see from this site I choose seo as my keyword for the domain name. You can see what domain names are available by going to Network Solutions and using their domain name search utility. Should you use hyphens in the domain name to separate your keywords? This all depends on whom you talk to. Personally, I like to use hyphens although there is one problem that arises from their use. If a customer types in your url they may forget to include the hyphen. It may take some extra marketing to get customers to remember the hyphen. Another thing to remember when creating your domain name is; was it in use previously? Do some research and see if the domain was active in the past, the last thing you want is to end up with a domain name that was used for spam purposes. Perhaps Google blacklisted the domain in the past. You can use up to 67 characters in your domain name, but do you really need all of them? I say the shorter the merrier. For example, I could have used as my domain name. Putting that address on the back window of my car would prove to be a challenge, not to mention the customer who has to type that into the address bar could very well make a mistake relatively easy. The shorter you make the name the better. Think of something catchy that customers will remember.

Hosting: The next step in creating your new domain is finding a hosting company that meets your needs. Do you need a dedicated server? How many email addresses will you require? Will you be using SQL databases? Do you need a shopping cart script? Can you get away with shared IP hosting? How much hard drive space do you need? Does the hosting service offer visitors statistics packages? Do they offer email forwarding? Will you require blogging software? How many GB’s of data transfer will you require per month? All of these questions can be answered by visiting different hosting companies on the web and seeing what they offer and at what price. You can start your search for a hosting company by visiting Advanced Network Hosting, tell them we sent you.

Who is going to build the new web site: Now that we have our domain name and have found a hosting company to host the site we need to decide who is going to build it. If you plan on building the site yourself there are a few things you will need. You will need a program like Dreamweaver to make your new pages. You will need a software program similar to Adobe Photoshop to design all the images etc. You will need FTP software to upload the pages you design. You will have to do extensive research on SEO and code your new site accordingly. If this all sounds a little overwhelming you could always hire a web design company. Hiring a web designer poses another challenge. Although there are quite a few web design companies out there that are capable of the task, there are also quite a few who are not. I would be willing to bet there are more that think they can. I find myself fixing a lot of web sites that have awesome eye candy appeal but absolutely no SEO structure. You could have the most attractive web site in the world but because it lacked SEO structure it ended up failing miserably. If potential clients cannot find your site in Google, MSN and Yahoo using a search term for your products, then how will they find you?

Keywords: Keywords and keyword phrases are the most important aspect of SEO next to content. This may be the hardest and most time consuming aspect of good ethical web design. When you build your site do some extensive research on the most important keywords and phrases of your product. I was at a convention this weekend in Victoria, BC. At the convention I found myself walking around networking with other businesses. I stumbled upon a lady who has a very effective product for the medicinal marijuana users of our country. Her product is a smokeless vaporizer for the inhalation of medical cannabis. Her clients were always complaining to her that the smoke from one cannabis cigarette is equivalent to the tar inhaled in twenty tobacco cigarettes. Her product heats up the cannabis and allows the client to inhale only the THC from the cannabis without any smoke whatsoever. No tar just THC. How valuable is that product to a MS patient? Or a cancer patient or someone with a disease that medical marijuana is the only herbal alternative in subsiding there pain. I would say if I were a medical marijuana patient then I would definitely use this device. How would I know about the device if I couldn’t find it using a search with the popular indices.

Upon returning home from the convention I tried to find the site in question. I typed “cannabis vaporizer” into Google and could not find the product so I continued using different keyword phrases to find the site such as “marijuana vaporizer” and her site was nowhere to be found. She informed me that she spends upwards of two thousand dollars to advertise in a popular cannabis review magazine every month. Sounds like money well spent but she could have had her site optimized for specific keywords in the cost of her original design and been further ahead. All too often the keyword selection process is overlooked and quite frankly it is disturbing. The title tag in her web site is not even optimized, you will never find her site in a popular engine unless you know the domain name. Do yourself a favour and sit down with your web design professional and hammer out some keywords for your site, you will wonder where all the extra traffic is coming from.

The next step in building a successful site is content. There are literally millions of web sites on the internet with little to no content. One of my biggest pet peeves these days are web sites lacking content. If you are going to take the trouble to make a web site the least you could do is inject some content to keep the visitor interested. There is nothing worse than going to a site with no content. I just can’t stress this point enough. If we use the cannabis web site as an example you could do the following: Have an open discussion forum about medicinal marijuana. Have countless articles on the pros and cons of medicinal cannabis. Have a history section about Marijuana. Have testimonials from satisfied customers. Link to other marijuana web sites and have them link back. There is probably thousands of more articles you could write about marijuana and its effects on the human body. The point I am trying to make here is content. More content equals more traffic. You must make yourself (web site) the authority on the subject of the product you are selling.

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