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Understanding Wordpress Links

I suggest making another category beside the one that is made called Blogroll. If you are selling Dogs make a link category called Dogs. If you are selling computers make a category called Computers. In otherwords make a category that suits your product you are selling.

It is a good idea to rename the blogroll category. I call that category Friends, because it will contain links to friends websites while my main category will contain links to pages or posts in my website.

To rename the Blogroll category do the following:

  • Click on Links and then click Link Categories. On the right you will see the categories listed, place your mouse over Blogroll and then click edit. In the category name field type in Friends or whatever you wish to call it, under slug type in friends again as illustrated below. After you have finished click on Update Category. That is all there is to it. Rather simple really.

rename link category

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