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Understanding Wordpress Plugins

Plugins are extra features that can be installed with your theme. Plugins give you the ability to add contact forms to your site and tweak wordpress for search engine optimization. We have already tweaked it a bit but lets tweak it some more so we rise to the top of Google search results with every new post or page we create.

I have included WordPress Tweaks and Contact Forms 7 with this install.

  • Click on Plugins and then place a checkmark in the radio button beside WordPress Tweaks and then click Activate on the right as shown in the illustration below.
  • Place a checkmark in the radio button beside Contact Form 7 and then click Activate on the right as shown in the illustration below.

activate  plugins

After clicking activate notice how the plugins turn red and now they say deactivate. If you want to deactivate the plugin after it is installed just click the link that says deactivate.

Now that we have activated the plugins we have to configure them. Don’t worry this part is easy.

To configure the WordPress Tweaks plugin, we need to go to the Settings section and click on Tweaks.

Go ahead and enable any options you would like. Refer to the illustrations below for guidance.

tweaks step 1

tweaks step 2

tweaks step 3

Next we need to configure the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Click on Tools and then click Contact Form 7.

On the next screen you will see instructions telling you to copy and paste the contact information into any page you created. Save this code for when you construct your contact us page. (You can see this screen anytime you wish by clicking Contact Form 7 in the tools section.

Congratulations you have successfully configured the plugins. That wasn’t too hard was it?

Next we will discuss Links.