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The Difference Between Wordpress Posts And Pages

With WordPress you create posts or pages. Do not confuse pages with posts they are entirely different. When you’re writing a post, they are added to your blog automatically. They appear in reverse chronological order on your blog’s home page. Pages are created for the sole purpose of adding content to your website. The pages you create can be for example; About Us, Contact Us, Privacy, etc. Pages are often created to present information about yourself or your company website as stated earlier. The information never changes and is easily accessible by creating links on your main page to them. Take a look at Vernon Computers Repair main home page, notice the links we are talking about? They are easily accessible from anywhere in the site. Posts appear in reverse chronological order on your blog page. Remember this tip, Pages are your most important content and posts are daily news etc.

Go ahead and click Pages in your dashboard. You will notice a page that is already created called About. Go ahead and edit the page with your details and then click Publish. Click the link in the top left corner titled Visit Site. You should now see a link to the About page you created.

Now let’s go to the post section. Click on Posts you will notice a post already created called Hello World. Go ahead and edit the post and make sure you change the title to something that suits your post, when finished click on Publish. When you visit your site you should see the post.

Another trade secret for you to consider is titles in your documents and the first sentence. Titles play a great role in search engine optimization. Your title should be a brief summary of what the page or post you created is about. The first sentence in your page or post should have your keywords and a summary of what the page will be about. Google displays your first sentence underneath the link it displays in the search engine to your website. Look at the two illustrations below. The first illustration is website, notice the title circled in red. The second illustration is a search result from google using the keywords from the title of the document. Notice how Google used the first sentence to form a brief description of

google  first sentence

google title

Ok, this book is not intended to teach you HTML or any other form of programming language but I will tell you another trade secret. The first sentence should be enclosed in H tags. H tags are headline tags and look like this

H Tags

There are 6 H tags in html language. H1 – H2 – H3 – H4 – H5 -and H6.

By using this method you should have decent enough search rankings on the three major search engines. Try to use your keywords at least once in your first paragraph, twice in the second paragraph and once in the third paragraph. Keep your pages and or posts to 250 or 500 words. If you have a page that is 750 words just split it up into two pages. I like to experiment with this theory. People write differently you may find you get better search engine rankings by creating pages that are 600 words, where as I might create pages that get better rankings with 500 words. Never go over 750 though, that is the breaking point, you are better off with two pages if that happens.

That about sums everything up. Cheers.