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Windows 8? Microsoft is well into the production of the next version of Windows. While Windows 8 isn't likely to land on shelves until late 2012, I tracked down a Youtube video which will give us a sneak peek at what's happening in the next version of the desktop operating system. Microsoft have officially released an early preview build of the new operating system to select partners, under strict non-disclosure agreements. So, what can we expect in the new Windows 8 operating system?

windows 8 tutorials

3D dynamic desktop, fast hibernation system and an alternative user interface for tablet/touchscreen devices complete with a new "Aero Lite" theme for lower end systems. A new backup program dubbed "history vault" which is similar to Apples Time Machine. There is a new control panel applet that will let you reinstall the system with one click of a button. Two new features called "sync" and "web sharing" suggest Microsoft will be competing with Google cloud-centric operating systems.

Because the release isn't expected until late 2012 a few of these new features could be removed entirely and new ones added as the OS is tested. Once the system is released I will of course give you all the details in this section complete with Windows 8 tutorials. View the video below for more details.