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How To Add Burn Pictures To DVD CD With Nero

How do I add and burn my pictures to a DVD disc?. For some of you this is a simple process, but if you are new to computers it can be a bit confusing. We first need to understand that pictures you have transferred to your computer from your camera all live in a place called My Pictures in Windows XP editions and in Microsoft Windows Vista they reside in a folder called Pictures. These folders can be reached from the start menu in your operating system. If you click on Start in the lower left corner you will see the pictures folder. No matter what program you are using to get the pictures from your camera to your computer, the pictures will always transfer to the pictures folder in your user account.

Now that we know where our pictures are stored on our computer system, we can burn them to DVD or CD and archive them. I recommend using a program called Nero 9 The ONE solution to complete all your digital media tasks on your PC and on your TV.

The program has become a little bloated over the years but with a proper install most of the bloatware can be avoided. Nero is still the best burning software on the market.

To burn your pictures to DVD or CD do the following:

  • Insert a blank DVD or CD in your DVD Burner or CD Burner.
  • Launch Nero by clicking the Nero Startsmart Icon on your desktop. Alternatively click Start and then find the Nero Startsmart icon under All Programs. You should now see a screen as illustrated below.

nero  burning rom

  • Next, make sure the drop down menu says CD/DVD.
  • Next, click on Data and then select Make Data DVD or Make Data CD as illustrated below.

nero  burning rom

  • Next, click on Add and then navigate to your pictures folder and select the pictures you would like to be on the DVD or CD. Continue clicking Add until you have selected all the pictures you want. (tip) Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard to select multiple pictures and then click Add. Once you have added all the pictures you can close the add files box. You should now see a screen like the one illustrated below.


  • Next, click Next and then place a checkmark in the box titled Verify data on disk after burning. Uncheck Allow files to be added later (Multisession disc).
  • Click Burn.

That is it, you have successfully created a disc with your pictures on it.

Happy computing!