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How To Avoid Junk Email Spam

How do I avoid junk email and spam? Are you getting numerous amounts of junk email and or spam? Would you like to avoid getting all this junk in your inbox every day? Of course you would! Today I will teach you how to setup and configure rules for your email client. For this how to article I will be using Microsoft Outlook which comes packaged with Office and Windows mail 7 which comes packaged with Microsoft Vista.

First we need to discuss Rules. What are rules? Rules are a set of conditions, actions, and exceptions that process and organize messages automatically and they are triggered by an event. For example if we were getting a ton of spam messages with "buy viagra" in the subject of the message we could create a rule that automatically adds the message to our junk email folder when the email arrives. The sender of the message would then be blocked from sending us future emails and we wouldn’t have to drag and drop the message in our junk email box, the message would automatically go there because of the rule we created.

How to create a rule using Outlook. Open up your outlook email client and do the following to create a rule.

  • Click Tools and then click Rules and Alerts as illustrated below.


  • Next click on New Rule. You should now see the rule wizard as illustrated below.


  • Next click Move messages with a specific word in the subject to a folder and then click Next as illustrated above.
  • Next in the Step 2 box we want to edit the rule description so lets click on specific words as illustrated below.


  • Next type in a list of words you would like to filter out. For example you could type "buy viagra" without the quotes, you can add as many words as you like for example you could add swear words etc. Each keyword or keyword phrase making sure to click Add after each one. Once you have added all the words click on Add and then click Ok.
  • Now we want to tell the rule to add any messages with our chosen list of words to the junk email box. To do this click on specified folder and then select your junk email folder. Click Next about 3 times and then click Finish click Apply and then click Ok.
  • Congratulations you have added your first rule successfully. Go ahead and add some more rules now that you are familiar with the process.

How to create a rule using Windows Mail 7. To create a rule in windows mail 7 do the following:

  • Launch windows mail 7 and then click Tools and then click Message Rules and then select Mail as illustrated below.

windows mail  7

  • In the next window select Where the subject line contains specific words as illustrated below.

windows mail  7 rules

  • Next under 3.Rule Description click on contains specific words type in the words you would like to filter, for example "buy viagra". Make sure to click Add after each keyword or keyword phrase you enter. When you are finished adding words click on Ok.
  • Next click on Move it to the specified folder as illustrated below.

windows mail  7

  • Next in 3.Rule Description click on move it to the specified folder. Select the junk email folder and then click Ok three times until you are back at the regular windows mail screen.
  • Congratulations you have successfully configured rules for windows mail 7.

Happy Computing :) Peace :)

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