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How To Backup MYOB

Launch MYOB into the company you wish to backup. For example if you are doing accounting work for a company called “St. Thomas Church” Load the company into MYOB and do the following:

  • On the top navigation bar click on File then choose backup as shown in the diagram.
  • In the next box choose With Checking Errors
  • Click the drop down arrow in the Save In box and select the drive that is your USB Flash drive or external hard drive. Usually the Letter will be E:\ or F:\ or G:\ etc. The letter you want is the removable disk.
  • Once you have selected the proper drive letter you will need to give the file a name. For example St. Thomas Church leave the .ZIP file extension. You should now have a file called St. Thomas Church.ZIP See the diagram below if you are unsure.
  • Click Save and then click OK

how to backup  myob accounting software

That is it, you are done. Repeat the above steps for every company that you have accounting data for.