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How To Copy Or Download A DVD Movie

How do I copy and or download a DVD movie?. The first part of this article will explain how to copy a DVD movie that you purchased. The second part will deal with how to download a DVD movie from the Internet using torrents. Both of these options are illegal and I am probably on thin ground for teaching you the in’s and out’s of DVD ripping. According to the law though we are entitled to make a backup copy of DVD movies that we purchased. “The Fair Use Doctrine allows you to copy an unencrypted DVD for personal use. However, all commercial DVD’s use CSS encryption and the DMCA clearly makes it illegal to decrypt a DVD in the USA, not sure about Canada. Tools such as DVDFab Decryptor are illegal tools for circumventing copyright protection”.

What I have decided to do is teach you how to download a torrent, I will use Linux as my choice of a torrent to download. Linux is not illegal to download via torrent. Downloading a movie with torrents is the same process. Once the files are on your computer I will teach you how to burn them to a DVD disc so you can watch the movie. When we rip a movie to our computer a bunch of files are written to our hard drive. When you download a movie using torrents a bunch of files are written to your hard drive. Once they are on our hard drive we can burn them to DVD disc and watch them on a regular DVD player.

Software You Will Need:

How To Rip A Movie To Your Hard Drive:

  • Download and install DVDFab HD Decryptor from the link above.
  • Insert the movie you would like to rip into your computers DVD drive.
  • Launch DVDFab HD Decryptor. Decryptor will detect a movie in your DVD player.
  • Make sure the Source field has the name of your movie in it.
  • The Target field should be the location of where you want to save the files. I selected my video folder as the location in the example below.

dvdfab hd decryptor

Leave all the other settings as is and click on Start. The movie will now be ripped to your hard drive. Be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes for the ripping to complete.

If you want the movie to be ripped in DVD5 format (smaller size) you will need to purchase the paid version of DVDFab HD Platinum. Or you could avoid that and purchase Winavi which would be a better option because you can then shrink the file size to 700MB. Winavi is useful if you plan on storing your movies on your hard drive. If you don’t purchase either one you can just buy 8GB DVD discs, or use the function in Nero to shrink the movie to fit on the regular 4.7GB DVD discs.

Lets learn how to download a movie from the Internet using torrents.

  • Download and install UTorrent from the link above. Leave the application closed after installing.
  • Launch a web browser and go to TorrentReactor or any other torrent site. Just search Google for Torrents.
  • Click in the search box and type in a name of the movie you would like to download. For this example I will be searching for unbuntu, a linux operating system, but the process is the same.
  • Once you find the movie you like you will notice beside the link it has number of seeders and number of leechers. Look for a copy that has a high number of seeders. Look at the example below for more details.

torrent  reactor

  • After clicking the link you will be brought to another page where you can download the torrent file. A torrent file is just an information file. When you click Download Torrent choose Open and then UTorrent will launch asking you where you would like to save the file. Choose your Video folder and download the movie. It is as simple as that.

download  torrent

Once the movie has downloaded to your hard drive you will need to unpack it using 7zip or a similar compression program.

Create an ISO Image File.

Launch your favorite burning program, for this example I will use ImgBurn. The first thing we need to do is convert all the video and audio files to an ISO file.

  • Launch IMgBurn and choose Create image file from files/folders.
  • Next, Click Browse for a folder and navigate to the location of your saved movie. Select the folder your movie resides in.
  • Next, in the destination box select Browse to folder and navigate to the location you would like to save the ISO file too. I always choose the same folder that the movie resides in. Give the file a name and choose Save.
  • Next, click on the Build icons.
  • The next box will ask you to choose layer options. Click the first layer and then click Ok and then click Ok again.
  • Next, sit back and wait for the files to be converted to ISO.

Burn the ISO to DVD Disc

  • Launch ImgBurn
  • Insert a blank DVD disc into your computers DVD player.
  • Choose Write Img file to disc
  • Under Source navigate to the folder where you created the ISO file.
  • Select the .mds file that was created and select Open.
  • Click the Burn icons. Wait for the file to be burned, and you are done.

If you can’t see file extensions on your computer you can learn how to view file extensions here.

You now should be able to download and rip movies and then burn them to DVD disc with ease.