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How To Send An Email To Undisclosed Recipients

How many times have you received an email from a friend with multiple names in the To: field. A spammer gets ahold of the email and now you are getting a boat load of spam. Thanks to your friend you now have to delete numerous spam messages before you can read your email. The proper way to send an email to multiple recipients is to make a new contact in your email program called undisclosed recipients and save it in your contact list. Follow these instructions and be the hero in your crowd instead of the zero.

Open up your email program (outlook express)(outlook)(incredimail) etc. Create a new contact called Undisclosed Recipients. Type in your email address and click save. Now create a new email to send. In the To: filed select the address you just created (Undisclosed Recipients). Select all the friends you would like to sent the email to and put their addresses in the BCC: field, separate each address with a semi colon. Type your message and click on send. When your friends view the email all they will see in the To: field is Undisclosed Recipients.