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How To Setup Outlook

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These instructions will show you how to configure Microsoft Outlook to access your email account. Remember that there is two different email programs offered by Microsoft: Outlook and Outlook Express. Look on the title bar of your Email program to ensure it is Outlook and not Outlook Express. Outlook is the email program that comes bundled with all flavours of Microsoft Office. If the program you are using is Microsoft Outlook Express, which comes bundled with Microsoft Windows, please use the Outlook Express setup instructions.

Step 1: Launch Outlook, and then click on “Tools” and then click on “Email Accounts” as shown in the diagram below.

outlook  setup instructions

Step 2: Click on the radio button called “Add a new email account” and then click next, as shown below.

outlook email  configuration assistance

Step 3: Click on the radio button titled “POP3” and then click “next”.

outlook help

Step 4: Fill out all the information needed in the provided boxes. The email address box is very important, this is the email address you choose from your service provider, or it may be your email account from work for example. Now you will have to enter information about your email servers. This is very important, you will not receive any email if these servers are configured improperly. There are two servers you will have to specify, “incoming” and “outgoing”. Follow the diagram below.

outlook  configuration information

Step 5:There is no step 5, you are now finished, (doesn’t it feel great when everything comes together?) if you see the following box.

outlook setup  help