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>How do I find out what kind of hardware and software is installed in my computer system?

It is time to upgrade your computer, but you have no clue as to what hardware is in your system. You want to sell your computer system but you need a detailed list as to what exactly is installed in your system.

Today I will show you how to get the information you need in order to upgrade and or sell your computer. There is a product called Belarc Advisor that will scan your computer for hardware and software information and then display the information in your web browser. You can then print out the information and take it to your local computer repair shop and have them offer idea’s for upgrades. I have saved an image as to what the information looks like, you can see it below in the illustration.

belarc information on computer

You can download belarc from here. Or alternatively right from Belarc

If Belarc isn’t quite what you were looking for and you actually wanted a lot more detail as to what hardware and software are in your computer system then I highly suggest downloading and installing SIW.

SIW is a is a System Information tool that gathers detailed information about your system properties and settings. A utility that includes detailed specifications about your Motherboard, BIOS, CPU, Devices, Memory, Video, Drives, Ports, Printers. The utility also displays information about Services, System uptime, Product Key (CD key), Users, Open Files, Network, Operating System, Installed Programs, Processes, Serial Numbers, Users, Network Shares, it also monitors your CPU, Memory, and Page files in real time. SIW also displays currently active network connections, Passwords hidden behind asterisks, installed codecs, and more. The program does not require installation, just run the .exe file like you would any other application.

After SIW scans your system for information it will display a print out like the one illustrated below.

siw information on computer