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Windows Alternative Software

Is there any alternative software to use in Windows? Are you tired of the crap software that comes pre-installed with Windows? Windows Media Player? Mcafee Anti Virus? Norton Internet Security? Quicktime? Real Player? Nero or Roxio? Why do companies like Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba and Acer install this craptastic software anyway? Most of the companies mentioned install the trial software so they can hook you into purchasing the system. The deal sounds better if there is more software. There is also some software such as Windows Media Player that is installed as part of Windows. Can you use alternative software? Yes, you can. Below I have listed some applications that are far better than what comes pre installed on your system.

Today I am going to allow comments on this post because I want you to list any applications that you feel are better than what is offered in Windows.

Now you have something to do this weekend after all the Turkey digests.