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How To Disable Windows Vista Services

Windows Vista services can slow your computer down and put your computer at risk. In this article I will describe how to disable windows vista services. I will give you a description of each service and let you know what the service is used for. I will give you advice on what services can be safely disabled. I will list the (safe) settings and the tweaked and or as I like to say Optimal settings. If you set the service to MANUAL, Microsoft will load the service when it is needed. If you are running a XP operating system you will notice that some of these services are different. Before going any further you should save your registry. How to backup and restore the windows registry. All of these settings work but I can not be held responsible if you do something that messes up your system.

There are a couple ways to launch the services applet or Snapin as Microsoft calls it. The easiest way is to hold down the windows logo key and then press the R key on your keyboard. When the Run box loads type in services.msc and push enter on the keyboard. You should now see a services applet Snapin box like the one shown below. Another way to launch the Snapin is by launching admin tools. To launch admin tools go to Start | Control Panel | Classic View | Administrative Tools | Services. After double clicking services you should now see a services Snapin like the one illustrated below.

In order to edit the service you must double click the service. After double clicking the service you can edit the startup type. The settings available are DISABLED, AUTOMATIC or MANUAL.

windows services snapin

Application Experience: Service is mainly used for application compatibility. Microsoft maintains a database of third party applications so that they can automatically apply proper settings to some well known applications that have issues running. By checking the database Microsoft can apply workarounds on the fly without user intervention. Think compatibility mode. Optimal setting is DISABLED and the safe setting is AUTOMATIC.

Application Information: This service allows you to run applications as an administrator and works in conjunction with the user profile service. The optimal setting is MANUAL and the safe setting is MANUAL.

Application Layer Gateway Service: Provides support for 3rd party protocol plug-ins for Internet Connection Sharing. It allows third party internet connection sharing applications to run. If you are not using and third party internet connection sharing applications then it is safe to disable this service. Optimal setting is DISABLED The safe setting is MANUAL.

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When you are finished enabling or disabling services make sure to learn how to turn Windows Vista features on or off in order to speed up your computer even more.