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How to create or make a shutdown shortcut

One of the most annoying things in Microsoft Windows Vista besides the user account control feature has to be the way you turn the system off. Click start | then find the little arrow on the bottom right of the start menu and select turn off as shown in the diagram. What a royal pain in the ass that is. You would think Microsoft could have implemented a better way to accomplish this minor task. Yes, there are other ways to accomplish the task.

Let’s create a shortcut on our desktop so that we have one click to turn the system off. Follow these steps to create the shutdown shortcut.

Right click the desktop | choose “new” | click “shortcut” | In the location box type the following: “C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 00″ (note: don’t use the quotes) | click “next” | In the type a name for this shortcut box type: “Shutdown” | click “Finish” | The shortcut now appears on your desktop but now we have to give it an icon.

shutdown vista with a desktop shortcutTo give your new shortcut an icon do the following: Right click the shortcut and choose “properties” | click “change icon” | choose an icon in the next window and click “OK”. That’s all there is to it, except you have to test it now, go ahead and double click the icon to test.