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How To Troubleshoot Networking Issues In Vista Step 2

vistabusinessNow that we have established troubleshooting the physical layer of the OSI Model, we need to move on to the network layer where all the IP addressing takes place. The datalink layer was skipped because MAC addressing usually isn’t the problem. To troubleshoot the Network Layer we should do the following:

  • Do you have an IP address? Or are you using the generic generated IP address? Generic IP addresses usually begin with 169
  • Does the IP address you have match your gateway address and network?
  • Do you have the gateway address defined properly?
  • Are you using the correct DNS servers?

To view your network connection details go back to the previous step where you retrieved your connection status. Once you are viewing the connection status click on Details. You should now see the details of your network connection as illustrated below.

network connection details

Next, do you have an IP address? Do you have a default gateway assigned? Are the DNS servers configured properly? Is the subnet mask correct?

If you do not have an IP address assigned to the machine you won’t be able to navigate the local area network (LAN) or the wide area network (WAN). An IP address is needed for that. You also need a default gateway to reach the outside world (WAN) and DNS server addresses to transform IP addresses ( into something like You can use IP config to renew or obtain an IP address. Or you could statically assign the IP address, the default gateway address and the DNS server addresses.

To use IP config to obtain an automatic IP address try the following:

While holding down the WinLogo key on your keyboard press R on your keyboard. In the run box type cmd and click Ok. In the black DOS box that appears type in ipconfig /all and press Enter on your keyboard. You should now see information as illustrated below.

ipconfig all

If your IP address is or has the generic address of or something similar then try renewing the address with the following command ipconfig /renew. That should solve your problem.

To give your computer a static IP address try the following:

  • Click Start and then right click Network and choose properties.
  • Next, click Manage network connections or Manage wireless network connections.
  • Next, click Adapter properties. Next, click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then select Properties. You should now see a property sheet like the one illustrated below. Proceed by filling in the correct values for your network configuration.

static ip addressing

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