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Safe Mode Advanced Boot Options

There are several safe boot options available in windows. There are times when your computer system will not load windows, you will need these advanced boot options to load minimal drivers and edit the registry. Sometimes the only way to remove a virus is by loading the operating system with minimal support. In the following article I will try and describe these options so you can determine which option best suits you to accomplish the task at hand. How to load Safe Mode.

  • Safe Mode: This advanced boot option will use minimal drivers and services to start windows.
  • Safe Mode With Networking: This advanced boot option will use a minimal set of drivers and services to start windows and enable network drivers so you can access other computers on your network or the internet.
  • Safe Mode With Command Prompt: This advanced boot option will load cmd.exe instead of windows explorer. It will also load minimal drivers and services.
  • Enable VGA Mode: This option will not load the vga.sys driver (Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking use vga.sys, and not your current video driver), instead it will use the current video driver and knock the resolution down to 640×480 to assist you.
  • Last Known Good Configuration: This option will start windows with the previous configuration that was working.
  • Directory Service Restore Mode: This advanced boot option only applies if you are running a domain controller. It basically repairs a directory service.
  • Enable Boot Logging: You can use this advanced option in conjunction with any other safe mode boot options except last known good configuration. The log file is stored on the root of the hard drive in a file called Ntbtlog.txt.
  • Start Windows Normally: Ummmm this one is obvious me thinks.
  • Reboot: Another obvious one, restarts your computer.
  • Return To OS Choices Menu: This option is available if you have more than one operating system installed. If selected it will return you the the OS boot menu.

safe  mode advanced boot options