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Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista you may receive an error message stating the system event notification service has failed to start and windows cannot finish loading. This error is caused by file corruption on your hard drive.

To fix the error you will have to boot the computer into safe mode with command prompt. To get your system into the correct safe mode option follow these instructions:

  • Restart or turn on your computer
  • Start tapping (continuously) the F8 key on your keyboard when the computer starts to load
  • You should now see the advanced options menu as shown below in the figure.

safe mode boot  screen

  • Use your up and down arrow keys to highlight the selection you want, for this procedure we want to select Safe Mode With Command Prompt
  • Once you have highlighted the entry press the Enter key on the keyboard
  • Once the command prompt mode has loaded do the following:
  • At the command prompt type in sfc /scannow
  • The system file checker will now check the hard drive for corrupted files and try to repair them. When it is finished checking your files you can safely restart your system.
  • You could run a chkdsk /r command at the command prompt also to check the hard drive for errors.

I would seriously consider replacing your hard drive at your earliest opportunity.