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What Is User Account Control

(UAC) User Account Control is a new feature that Microsoft has implemented for Windows Vista. I would not recommend turning this feature off unless you have a very good reason. I know it can be annoying as hell but it is there for your protection. There are times when it is beneficial to disable the feature temporarily, such as removing software and or installing software, and or troubleshooting. User account control will protect you from unwanted applications installing such as trojans and malware, although I have yet to see it do that, as we all know viruses come in back doors and create there own permissions. It will not stop all unwanted apps but it is a step in the right direction for Microsoft trying to secure the operating system. The pop ups “windows needs your permission to continue” will become less frequent over time. Turning off the feature will make your operating system less secure but if you are running anti virus and anti malware software you realy don’t need the feature, just keep your security suites up to date and surf safe. If you still feel the need to disable this feature (you have been warned) follow these instructions.

Click Start | Control Panel | User Accounts (under Classic View) | click “Turn User Account Control on or off,” | uncheck “Use user account control (UAC) to help protect your computer” | Click OK and you’re done. UAC will be gone and stay gone. If you would like to turn the feature back on just reverse the steps.