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Do you want to make XP look like Vista? Are you tired of the dull boring XP interface but can’t afford to upgrade to Vista? Your system can’t handle all the resources required to run Vista. No need to worry any longer. I have spent most of this weekend gathering information for you so you can transform your XP box into one that looks like Vista. In order to make Windows XP look like Vista follow these instructions:

Vista Start Menu

  • Both windows xp and windows vista have start menu’s that could be a lot more user friendly. With that in mind download and install an alternative Vista Start Menu The alternative start menu includes improved abilities and functions such as a program launcher, desktop search, and a resizable start menu. Check it out for yourself and turn the start menu into a useable feature like it should be.

make xp  look like vista


  • Change the appearance of windows xp by giving it the windows vista look. Download VistaMizer. After you install vistamizer you won’t remember what your old desktop looked like.

VistaMizer includes the following functions:

  • Rebuilding of the original system files with un-install support.
  • Vista look and appeal for Windows XP, Media Center or Server.
  • Completely free choice for which files are modified.
  • Program checks the files for compatibility during the installation routine.
  • Backup from the original system files support. Don’t like it, just remove it and be back to normal.
  • Re-modification of the system files after Windows Updates have been installed.

Vista Transformation Pack

  • Download and install the Vista Transformation Pack. Key features of the pack include but are not limited to:
  • New welcome screen, ie: logon screen, just like Vista.
  • New bootup screen.
  • New visual styles.
  • New desktop, file and toolbar icons.
  • New sound schemes.
  • New progress bars like Vista.
  • Fresh new wallpapers.

Go ahead and make windows xp look like vista in a matter of minutes. Fact is with these tools we even improved the look and feel of Vista.

Happy Computing.